Established in 2014, Western Networking Inc. consists of business people who came together to fill a need for networking in the Western suburbs. Western Networking members not only refer business within the group but help each other grow their businesses into successful organisations. There are a range of occupations in the group and also vacant positions that we wish to fill. Visitors are warmly received and are welcome at any meeting. The meetings are held at the Bakers Edge - 1/9 West Beach Road, West Beach every fortnight. Meetings start at 7.30am and finish at 8.30am with time to network afterwards. We encourage any person in business to contact us about attending a meeting or becoming a member.


To be the leading referral networking group in Adelaide, that provides ongoing referral results for its members and the clients they serve.


We improve the Business of each of our members and we achieve this by providing ongoing quality referrals to each other as members, all while ENJOYING THE JOURNEY.


Our Six Signals are what makes WN both unique and successful. They outline how we handle the referral process triggering value to our members and those clients referred and served.

Our Six Signals

  1. We recognize that quality referrals are the most effective way of growing any business
  2. As individual members, we are absolutely committed to providing the best quality service level at a fair price to any client referred from our membership. In this way, we will be fair to the client, our referring member and WN. In short we will honour and respect all referrals from our fellow members. With that in place, we are totally confident in referring business to all members.
  3. We ensure only quality individuals and businesses are accepted into WN. In this we ensure the strength of WN and maximise the improvement of WN
  4. All members are acutely aware of ongoing giving of referrals to enable them to receive referrals. We all understand that what goes around comes around.
  5. We approach WN with an attitude of enjoying the journey whether that is our weekly meetings, our one on one meetings and all our communications with the referred clients and fellow WN members.
  6. We firmly believe in our path TRUST ....CONNECT....GROW