Kevin Tiggemann
Area Manager

After a business background as Managing Director for some 32 years my experience with keeping a business Viable and successful was simple – “Cash Flow is King” This is why my experience and passion in helping SME’s Legally protect there businesses. The Focus is therefore on Credit Management Services Including.. ·       

  Terms of Trade Documentation (all the clauses to legally protect your business)  personalised to suit any business including Forms such as Credit Application, Client Information, Quote, Variation, Invoice, Hire, Multipurpose & Letter of Engagement Form (for Accountants) any customised Forms for any business

  Debt Recovery Service of which with comprehensive terms of Trade becomes a Free collection Service

 Online Credit Checking & Alerts with Veda (The largest Credit Reporting Company in Australasia)

 Legally Protecting your business through PPSR Subscription Service on your Debtors

Privacy Manuals
(required by law on all businesses with an annual turnover in excess of $3 million)
When looking at the combined services of which EC Credit Control specialise you have
  “The Complete Credit Management Services Company” operating since 1989 with over 70,000 Clients”

“Regarded as the best in the Business” so… Don’t Delay and Call or email me Today

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